PP or PET Cups

PP cups and PET cups are both great choices for your bubble tea shop or restaurant and both types of cups are transparent, recyclable and safe to drink from.  Choosing between PP and PET cups will mostly depend on your budget.  PP cups are cheaper not only for buying the cups but also for custom printing, sealing films and they use our standard size sealing machine.  PET cups are thicker and more transparent than PP cups but will also be more expensive.

There are two main choices when using plastic cups for serving beverages:


PP – Polypropylene

PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate

PP vs PET Cups


Both are safe to drink from and are recyclable

recycle pet pp bubble tea plastic cups

PP Cups:

PP or Polypropylene Cups are the most popular type of plastic cups on the market today.  The main advantage of using PP cups is that they are cheaper than PET cups. 

1,000 16oz PP cups costs about $60.00 while 1,000 PET cups costs about $90.00.  PP cups are clear, resistant to flavor and odor transfer and are recyclable.

PP cups typically have a diameter of 95mm so be sure to get a sealing machine that seals 95mm cups.